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Pyne can interpret human brain signal into quantitative information. Attention level, meditation level, and emotion can be classified. 


2 Channel EEG, 1 Reference DRL,
128 Samples per Seconds,
4 hrs rechargeable battery, 
Ag/AgCl Dry electode, 
BLE 4.1 Communication, 
iOS, Android support, 

Developer kit

Pyne comes with the SDK on iOS and Android. The developer who interesting in explore something in human mind that never reveal to the world. This is your chance just call 'get' and you will 'got' the hidden information.


Pyne technology is the BCI based technology which had been develop in very general plan form that can be customize to the product or service or application. Call us to help you.


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Improwish provides technology service base on the modern neuro-technology that can let device can understand people more than ever before. We are an expertise on BCI base technology which have been develop various customize bio-medical product for many year.


Understanding the customer is the key to success in business. Improwish is launching Pyne in 2015 which is the small and portable electronic device that can measure and tracking brain activity. Pyne can observe the attention/ preference/emotion on any product and service on any place, any time of the user that will feedback the precious data of target group. 


Brain is the most mysterious organ in human body. People are struggling to explore the hidden truth in it for a thousand years. If you are in an entertainment sector and looking for the interesting material to surprise you audience. Pyne will help you to accomplish your mission. Pyne can connect to any electronic device and send input signal using brain signal such as the user focus on something, the user is happy or sad or fear or excite, etc. For example, user can control the drone to fly using his/her intention or change the picture on the screen according to their preference or any your imaginary.


Pyne comes with developer tool kit that will let developer using BCI function to get the hidden information in human mind for example happy, sad, exciting, fear, preference, focus, attention, etc. Leave the complicated brain wave analysis to us then enjoy create the amazing application.