About us

Improwish is where the art and technology blend up. Improwish is the collaboration between Brain Dynamic Technology co., ltd., an expertise on Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and Anon Pairot Design Studio, who won the winner of Red dot award in recent year.

Improwish is launching Pyne as the first product in 2015. Pyne can measure the brain activity and classify the abstract emotion of human. Improwish also provides technology, support, neuro-marketing, and entertainment service based on BCI technology.

Noppasit Piphitpattanaprapt
Co-founder/ Business Director

"Every people have one big world and one small world. The big world is the our world. We know a lot about it. Another one is the small world. It is the world inside you where we almost know nothing about it. That is why improwish is interesting."

Anon Pairot
Co-founder/ Design & Art Director

"I wonder if one day we can telepathy ... what will happen? If someday people know the truth from their lover ... then can they live with it or not? And if this device is in the evil hand ... what is going to happen to the world? From Hans Berger in 1924 to present, this little thing is in front of my hand."

Poppy Funny Brain
Sarawin KHEMMACHOtikuN
Co-founder/ Technology Director

"Human brain is beautiful. It makes us dive into the deepest ocean. It makes us build the highest building. It makes us dream."

Boonyanuch Wicharn
Co-founder/ Brain Signal Specialist

"I just want to know what is going on in man brain so I figure out."